5 signs

1.Flush the toilet

I think this is the most important sign because whenever i enter the bathroom the toilets are always filthy and nobody flushes their waste. When i need to use the toilet i am always disgusted by the toilets and sometimes i don’t even use those stalls. I think it is important to put this sign to make a simple reminder to flush because just by flushing the bathroom would smell a little better and it will be a bit more sanitary. People need this reminder so they can get the habit of flushing.

2. Please keep door closed

If you don’t close the door there will obviously be a lot of noise that can distract the students, and it is very annoying. I am a very easy person to distract because i’m not always focused in work so if we put a sign that will remind people to close the door it will help with the students to focus. We should make a simple sign in the inside and outside of the classroom so whatever side they exit out of they will see it.

3. Wash your hands

Washing your hands are very important and people need to be reminded that they need to wash their hands. Being sanitary is one of the things that i take very seriously. Last year in the ski trip people were not that sanitary so everybody got sick and it was a disaster. Washing your hands take 30 seconds and it can benefit you immensely. If there is a simple sign, i think it should be placed right above the sinks and in the toilet stalls.

4. No smoking

Smoking is a big deal and it should be taken very seriously in schools. Kids should never smoke near schools and smoking brings a disgusting smell so it is not fun when kids walk in the classrooms smelling like cigarettes. Smoking is also a very bad influence for younger kids.
We should put up a strict sign that shows not to smoke near the school.

5. No food/drinks allowed, water only

I think this is important because students need to understand that it is not a good idea to have food and drinks in class. About 80% of the time it leaves a mess and usually they never clean it up. It is annoying because they are leaving the mess for everyone else to clean up and it makes the classrooms look filthy. I think just water is good because it doesn’t leave a huge mess if any accidents happen. We should put a simple sign next to every door to remind students not to eat food in the class or to bring any drinks other than water.


1. On this website, i learned a couple good ways that can encourage recycling. The first step i learned was by educating people. A great way to encourage people is by informing them why it is important. You can put facts of how waste effects the environment and things like pictures to show an example of what it looks like. It will remind them the potential impact of their choices. I also learned that simplification is a big problem. The way people set up waste bins and recycling bins can either make people confused or too lazy to recycle.

Source: https://officedynamics.com/5-keys-to-getting-your-employees-to-recycle/

2. From the second website, i learned that just by making it fun can help a lot. If you created a simple game with the bins or kept statistics then it will be like a competition. An example is if you make teams at your work, school, class, community etc. and you keep statistics of how much you recycle and whichever team has recycled the most can win a prize. This might not be the most efficient way but it could be one of the most motivating ways.

Source: https://www.wastewiseproductsinc.com/blog/recycling-tips/5-ways-to-educate-the-importance-of-recycling/

3. For this method, i did not read it from a website, but i read off of many and thought of an idea. Im sure a lot of people have thought of it and even my teacher has told us about this but its to make the bins special for each item. For example, you can make a bin just for paper. There could be a thin slab just to fit paper inside and not things like cans or waste. You can also make ones for cans, there could be a circle where it could fit cans inside.